Personalization - Laser cutting - Wood design

Our latest projects

Wooden wall decoration, name circles, toys or an exclusive keepsake for every stage of life. Every day we realize new small projects and projects tailored to the customer and finished with the greatest care in our own workshops.

Laser cutting

Through our TiDee you can laser cut wood, acrylic, cardboard, leather and plexiglass. Engraving is also possible on, for example, glass, metal, stone or existing objects. Through our shop you can choose one of the designs and adjust it to your size. Via the laser service you can also request your own projects that we would like to put into practice.

Wood design

Wood is in good hands with TiDee. Thanks to an extensive machine park, we can easily develop small-scale unique projects with wood. A personal approach in close collaboration with the customer leads to beautiful wooden objects that have that little bit extra.


Do you want to roll up your sleeves yourself? That is possible at TiDee. Customers can work out their own wood project individually or in small groups for 1 or more days under supervision.

In addition, TiDee also regularly offers Workshops within a specific theme.

Personalize your object

We are happy to work out unique personalized objects in which a name or your own drawing is incorporated with our laser cutters and CNC machine.

Work with Tidee

Interested in working with TiDee?

Professional customers can now order with additional discounts. Send us an email or register now so that we can work out the best formula together!