About TiDee

TiDee was launched by Tim Deprez.

Since 2016 he combines many of his creative passions within the TiDee project. The slogan “We help realizing your idea” illustrates very well what you may expect from TiDee.

Via TiDee you can get support in creative woodprojects, lasercutting, events or even IT projects.

Tim has a PhD in maine biology at Ghent University. Within Ghent University he is mainly active in international educational projects. Besides marine sciences, he has many other passions: wood, technologie, music, …

Unique objects

Every object created by TiDee is a unique object. It is build according to the desires of the customer using a range of sustainable materials.

Technology and innovation

Despite the fact that many projects do need a lot of handwork, TiDee tries to use modern technologies where possible to ensure reasonable and fair budgets. Making use of CNC carving machines and big and powerful lasercutters we can deliver high-quality end-products.


TiDee tries to work with mainly sustainable base-materials. This is realized by using wood with a sustainability label or by using recycled wood from diverse origins. To achieve this TiDee is constantly looking for unique parts which can be integrated in different projects. Note that TiDee tries also to limit energy usage by using electricity from solar panels. Packaging of products is done making use of biodegradable or paper-based products. TiDee combines many different skills and domains which ensure that we are able to realize projects which many others cannot achieve.